What Is Physician Wealth Systems?

Physician Wealth Systems is a done-for-you program designed to increase your net worth by $200,000 and create a recurring passive income of $40,000 within 12 months. The system requires only two hours per month of your time, allowing you to continue to practice medicine full-time.

What exactly is it?

This is not a REIT or Syndication. We put you in the ownership position the REIT enjoys and benefits when controlling ownership.

You will be presented with exclusive off-market single-family residential acquisition opportunities 30-70% under market value – family houses for you to own and rent out for passive income and massive tax benefits.

You will be assigned a personal acquisition manager who will analyze the deal before you ever hear about it. After confirming pictures and inspection, your personal transition coordinator completes the closing for you, leaving you only with a digital docu sign to complete the transaction. 

Once the closing is complete, our construction team completes the renovation forcing equity into your property and increasing rents.

After tenants are placed by the property management team, we will refinance, washing out your cash and repeating the process.

The BRRRR Strategy (Buy Renovate Rent Refinance Repeat)

Below is an actual property we acquired for a current client. Utilizing the BRRRR strategy allows us to keep the total cash invested at a minimum while maximizing cash flow and return on investment.

12 Rental Properties in 12 Months

We will work with you for 12 months, acquiring one or more rental properties per month. After acquiring each property within 45-90 days, we will have completed the renovation, placed the tenants, and cashed out refinanced, washing out your cash to repeat. Our team does every step of the process so you can enjoy spending time on what’s important to you. We intend to keep this investment strategy 100% passive for you. You can view the performance of your portfolio and will receive regular updates on the status of each project through our communication platform.

When Do I Get My Money Back?

What makes this wealth creation strategy so powerful is that by holding on to these 12 properties and letting the tenants pay down the mortgage within 15 years, all of them will be paid off. Your annual net cash flow (without accounting for rent increases) will be $130,000 yearly. And this isn’t accounting for any of the massive tax benefits we will enjoy from owning real property.

All the numbers we use are extremely conservative, and if you are interested in getting a more in-depth explanation of how everything plays out, we took out a chapter from our book How To Get Rich As A Doctor and are giving it to you for free. Click Here to read it now.

Who Is It For?

Physician Wealth Systems is for physicians with a minimum of 250k to 500k deployable capital and are serious about growing their wealth, passive income, and reaching financial freedom as quickly as humanly possible while freeing up more time for you to do the things you actually care about.

You are working long hours, feeling burned out, stuck in the “Rat Race,” and not building your asset column to bring in consistent cash flow that’s growing month over month.

You are working hard to earn all your money. And now you have to somehow find the time to protect, invest, and manage it? Figuring this out on your own can be costly both in terms of capital and time. Not only getting up the mountain is essential, but so is getting down when its time to retire (most physicians don’t set themselves up for success and get hit hard by the consequences)

You’re already taking all traditional advice when investing—putting money into your retirement account, investing in stocks, mutual funds, syndications, etc. You’re looking for something that will give you a better return, produce passive income, and lower taxes. You have the capital but don’t know how or when to start. Now you no longer need either the time or knowledge because we will do it 100% for you.

You are working long hours, feeling burned out, stuck in the “Rat Race,” and not building your asset column to bring in consistent cash flow that’s growing month over month.

You are already maxed out when it comes to workload, so you don’t have time to take on another full-time or part-time job. Let alone go through a new course or training program or attend general advice seminars on “How to Invest in Real Estate.” You just need someone to do it for you, so you don’t have to even think about it.

Let’s face it physicians are one of the most abused professions when it comes to advertising. Every second of the day, you feel someone is trying to get something from you. Most programs overpromise and under-deliver, only showing the results of the top 1% of people who joined. We wanted to build the #1 solution for physicians to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. Something different, something that underpromises and over-delivers. Something that guarantees results for every single person that joins. Something that will dramatically change your life forever and impact your lifestyle as you’d never imagined possible.

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