Meet the Physician Wealth System Team

Our mission is to empower physicians, healthcare providers, and entrepreneurs with the information, resources, connections, and expertise they need to commercialize their ideas, inventions, and discoveries. Our primary goal is to help you reach your objectives more quickly, minimizing risks and eliminating obstacles. Allowing you to live life according to your own rules, pursue your passions, and exceed your expectations!

Meet Your Physician Wealth Systems Coaches

We are not coaches. We leverage relationships and experience in Business, Real Estate, Construction, Technology, and Investing. Our team successfully navigates Acquisitions, Renovations, Finance, Property Management, Asset Management, and Business Management

Meet Brett Riggins


Brett Riggins is a twenty-year veteran of the real estate business whose passion is helping people connect with the life they want. Brett is a mentor, podcaster, public speaker, and coach as well as continuing to run his own multi-million-dollar real estate business. He launched his own business, bringing his knowledge and experience to a broader market, building off his real estate licenses in TN and SC. With more than 20 million dollars in transactions, his company Connect Home Buyers is a real estate acquisition machine supported by territories across the country. Founding Physicians Wealth Systems allowed Brett to fulfill his fundamental need to help others while also giving him a platform to share his belief that everyone should have access to authentic living.

Meet Arin Riggins


With a track record of buying and selling over $20M in real estate, building a 7-figure passive income portfolio, and running a nationwide acquisition company, Arin has now dedicated his expertise to helping others achieve similar success. Focusing on high-income earners with $600k+ in liquid capital, Arin leverages a decade of relationships, systems, and knowledge to offer a comprehensive, done-for-you service. Tailored specifically for exciting entrepreneurs, business owners, physicians, dentists, professionals and attorneys, Arin’s approach eliminates the need for classes or courses. Instead, she provides personalized, one-on-one guidance to create a unique roadmap based on each client’s career trajectory.

Meet Britt Lefkoe

Britt is a business and personal development coach specializing in coaching entrepreneurs and executives looking to uplevel their financial freedom and create more joy and authenticity in their lives. Her work is focused on identifying and shifting the underlying beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that are typically buried underneath layers of achieving, accomplishments, and pushing through. Her highly customized methodology helps you identify blind spots and create unwavering confidence, to accelerate growth without undiagnosed problems holding you back.

Meet Nathan Astle

Nate Astle is the Founder of the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Financial Therapist. He specializes in couples, emotions and money, and financial trauma. As a past board member of the Financial Therapy Association, he has been featured in numerous outlets like CNBC, USA Today, TD Ameritrade, and Money Geek.

Meet Kevin Anderson

Market Director– Acquisition

Kevin has been working in the real estate industry for over 25 years. Most recently, as the owner of Anderson Properties, specializing in acquiring and selling private/off-market commercial real estate and rent-to-own homes. Additionally, Kevin was the owner of a mortgage brokerage company with multiple locations and has extensive experience and knowledge in acquiring off-market real estate.

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Meet Michael Johson

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Michael is the head of the digital Marketing team at PWS. He specializes in designing and implementing dynamic marketing strategies that work best to increase growth and engagement. With a strong background and expertise in SEO, PPC, and social media marketing, he ensures all campaigns are well-optimized for maximum impact. As digital marketing lead, Michael oversees the team’s activities and is dedicated to enhancing brand visibility and delivering measurable results through data-informed strategies.

Meet Luke Sinclair

Digital Marketing Specialist

Luke is an experienced marketing specialist skilled in executing marketing strategies that enhance online presence and drive engagement. He monitors social media and Google Analytics to assess and refine marketing efforts and reports on campaign growth and analytics to stakeholders. Luke is responsible for publishing marketing content online and implementing email campaigns, ensuring effective audience engagement. He improves paid advertising campaigns through SEO and other tools, ensuring maximum performance. 

Meet Zainab Tahir

Senior Content Strategist 

Zainab Tahir, the Senior Content Strategist at PWS, specializes in crafting compelling content strategies for digital platforms. She creates engaging, SEO-friendly content that captures attention and delivers results. Her expertise in managing and optimizing content across websites and social media ensures that the brand maintains a strong and consistent presence. Zainab leads the content team, guiding them with her expert insight to maintain exceptional quality and consistency across all platforms. 

Meet Nouman Younas

Sr. Graphics and Animation

Nouman uses creativity and animation expertise to produce captivating and informative video animations. He works closely with the marketing team to ensure his work aligns perfectly with PWS’s vision and goals, consistently delivering high-quality videos, reels, and graphics. Nouman is exceptional at creating video animations for multiple social media platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. 

Meet Mati Baloch

Content Strategist

As a dedicated Content Strategist at PWS, Mati brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to our team. When it comes to crafting content for social media, websites, and online platforms, he excels. His passion for storytelling shines through, bringing details to life in an engaging way. Mati’s role involves not only writing and creating engaging content but also strategically planning and executing content strategies that align with our brand’s goals and objectives. He also plays a crucial role in the publishing process, ensuring that all content is optimized for SEO and reaches the right audience at the right time. 

Meet Jason Roy

Senior Operation Coordinator

Jason is known for time management, prioritization, and multitasking abilities. He excels in long-term planning to achieve company objectives. Jason is an effective communicator who is skilled in speaking, writing, and active listening. With formidable team management skills, he collaborates well in teamwork settings. Jason’s leadership skills comprise motivation, goal setting, and progress monitoring. Methodical in analyzing processes and systems to understand their functions fully.  

Meet Richard Wilson

Operations Manager

Richard is responsible for managing the day-to-day operational activities of PWS, monitoring performance indicators, and implementing process enhancements. He coordinates different teams to foster ideas and cross-team learning. He analyzes departmental budgets to improve profitability. Richard ensures the alignment of operations with company standards and objectives. He maintains effective communication with stakeholders about evolving company priorities and projects. 

Meet Roman Alexander

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Roman is responsible for answering emails and phone calls from PWS customers, ensuring prompt and professional communication. He is also the data guardian. He meticulously handles and updates your CRM data, ensuring its accuracy and keeping business operations smooth. Roman helps to provide important data to create content and conducts thorough online research. He also prepares presentations based on instructions given, guaranteeing high-quality results.  

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