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We have spent years building relationships and working with numerous businesses and professionals. Everyone on this page we have vetted and still work with today. We only accept the highest quality services and products, saving you time and money from having to find the top one percent yourself.

Unsecured Loans

Doc2Doc Lending

Doc2Doc Lending is a financial lending platform created for doctors, by doctors – providing personal loans with low interest rates.

Real Estate Lenders

Tax Professionals

K2 Business Group - a.k.a. Capital Impact

Busch Tax Company LLC

Nathaniel Busch, CPA founded Busch Tax Company in 2016 to meet the growing demand for entrepreneurial tax & accounting services.
We believe one of the most significant threats to a taxpayer is ineffective tax compliance. We Value Entrepreneurs & Self-Investors. Our Billing Practices Are Reasonable. Our Advice is
Cost-Benefit Driven. We Are Proactive, Not Reactive.

Real Estate Coaches

Results Driven

Tiffany and Josh have navigated the real estate landscape with remarkable success and resilience. After their initial ventures in rentals and flipping homes, they encountered a significant setback, which led them to master the art of wholesaling. This strategic pivot wholesaled 165 properties in their second year and over 300 properties annually. Their journey is marked by consistent growth, a robust rental portfolio, and a steadfast partnership both in business and life.

Other Resources


Real Estate Mogul M.D. Podcast

The Real Estate Mogul, M.D. podcast shares the real-world journeys, stories, and conversations that transform your mindset, build your business, diversify your investments, and multiply your cash flow to help you live life by design.

The White Coat Investor Podcastt

The White Coat Investor Podcast launched in January 2017. As of September 2020 each podcast is averaging 31,000+ downloads. The podcasts range from 20-60 minutes long so you can listen to one during the average commute.


How To Get Rich As A Doctor

The Amazon #1 BEST SELLER ‘How To Get Rich As A Doctor’ is an easy-to-read manual that explicitly outlines the quickest way to build wealth by leveraging real estate as a doctor. This book deals explicitly with the challenges and financial issues doctors face, how to navigate through them, and resources to help achieve your wealth goals. It will teach you exactly how to continue to practice medicine full-time while building massive wealth and creating a stream of passive income. 


SOPE - Society Of Physician Entrepreneurs

Our goal at SoPE is to accelerate innovations in order to improve healthcare. We seek to empower doctors, other healthcare providers and entrepreneurs with the information, resources, connections, and experience they need to commercialize their ideas, inventions and discoveries. If you are interested in improving healthcare through innovation, please join us. Good luck with your new venture.

BUMP - Build Your Own Medical Practice

Build Your Own Medical Practice Course…Are you a medical employee who’s interested in starting a medical practice, but you don’t have all of the information to do so? Maybe you’re a resident just out of training and wanting to know how to start a healthcare practice, but you just need a guide. No matter where you are in your journey, the Build Your Medical Practice course (BUMP) from Mogsi can provide the necessary steps to help you start your own medical practice.

Britt Lefkoe

I’m Britt Lefkoe is a business and personal development coach, who specializes in coaching entrepreneurs and executives who are looking to push through glass ceilings, uplevel in their business, and create more joy and authenticity in their lives.
For over 20 years, I’ve been expanding upon the groundbreaking work of my father, Morty Lefkoe, whose belief-based, neuroscientific approach to business and personal development has been instrumental in the growth of individuals and organizations around the world.

Nathan Astle

Nate Astle is the Founder of the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Financial Therapist. He specializes in couples, emotions and money, and financial trauma. As a past board member of the Financial Therapy Association, he has been featured in numerous outlets like CNBC, USA Today, TD Ameritrade, and Money Geek.


Bigger Pockets

Learn and Succeed in Real Estate Investing.  Since 2004, Bigger Pockets has been creating educational resources for aspiring and experienced real estate investors. BiggerPockets offers straightforward, actionable advice and inspiring success stories through our: Weekly expert-led webinars, Real estate and money blog, 5 podcast shows, 30+ books!

Passive Income MD

Passive Income MD provide doctors with the resources they need to achieve financial freedom through passive income.

Dentists / Doctors Passive Real Estate Investing Club

This group is exclusively for Dentists, Doctors / Physicians and practitioners in the medical field. How would you like your passive income to replace your active income? That’s the goal of this group. We educate you on the top real estate investment opportunities that produce massive cash flow and produce passive income that will equal or rival your active income and save you a ton on taxes

Physicians and Properties

Physicians and Properties’ mission is to teach you how investing in real estate can give you the freedom to practice medicine and live life how you want!

Investment Opportunities

Sentinel Net Lease

Sentinel Net Lease, LLC is launching its latest real estate investment vehicle, Sentinel Opportunity Fund I, LLC. During this time of market uncertainty, Sentinel will leverage its capabilities and track record to take advantage of favorable industry tailwinds and the compelling risk-return profile of stabilized office, retail, and industrial properties.

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