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About Brett Riggins & Arin Riggins

We are Brett and Arin Riggins, graduates of Western Michigan University and licensed realtors in Michigan, South Carolina, and Tennessee. We have built multiple seven-figure passive income portfolios by purchasing and selling hundreds of homes. Over the years, we have worked with many physicians who privately lend us money for fix-n-flips and buy-n-holds. We constantly asked, “How can I get equity in these deals?” At first, we carried on with business as usual. Then it hit us. Physicians have a high income. Physicians pay a LOT in taxes. Physicians want to invest in real estate but don’t have the time. So, we asked ourselves once more: How can these physicians get equity in these deals? How can we come up with a plan that benefits all sides equally? What if we designed a service that allows doctors to fully own and manage their real estate assets while practicing medicineWe crafted a plan of action, built the Real Estate Power Team, and the rest is history as of now. 

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