Welcome To Real Estate Residency

Let’s Start Here With A Quick Little Intro…
Welcome to the Real Estate Residency platform! My name is Brett and I have been in the rental real estate game for almost 20 years now. Wow!

I hope that you have found yourself here with the purpose of becoming comfortable evaluating rental investment opportunities – real estate.

Success happens when preparedness meets opportunity. Whether it’s tomorrow, next year, or in ten years – The brain has a fascinating process of selective attention and finding things that you want to be true then doing everything it can to make them a reality.

I’ve had so many people tell how they have thought about getting into re but it’s always no time or no money. You will continue having no time and no money if you don’t connect those thoughts with action. – I did it with no time AND no money…now I have 18 rentals and I build rental portfolios for other people.

The reason why I am so passionate to share this information and create this transformation in you is the Pure Life Changing Power of Stackable Returns found in Real Estate:
  • Cash Flow
  • Principal Paydown
  • Depreciation
  • ​Appreciation

It's time to take control of your financial future, stop trading time for money, and turn your brain on to real estate investing!

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational purposes only. All numbers and scenarios shown are hypothetical and do NOT reflect your real world outcomes. We cannot and do not guarantee results. This is not to be considered legal, tax, investment or real estate advice in any way. Your results will vary based on your actions and other variables beyond our control. Please see the appropriate licensed professionals for advice as needed.