Welcome to Slack and welcome to the PWS community! Sorry for my deep Barry White scratchy voice as I was getting over a small cold when I filmed this video. 🙂 

Use the “GEAR” in  bottom right hand of the video to INCREASE the playback speed.  


  • You have been added to our Slack with the email address you provided in the onboarding form. After downloading slack and logging in you will see a channel named #your-name. Use this channel to ask any questions or problems you run into.
  • Download the app on your computer, pin to your toolbar, and set up push notifications so you never miss a deal.
  • Download the app on your phone and set up push notifications so you never miss a deal.


  • Add your picture and info to your profile. This way everyone can see who you are when they see your name/profile.
  • You can select different themes/colors to customize your view


  • Set notifications time and sounds
  • Select channel specific notifications (i.e. when someone tags me, all notifications for #deal-flow channel, all notifications for #your-name channel, etc.)


  • #your-name: this is the primary line of communication for you and the PWS team; this includes Tax Team, Acquisitions, Construction, Insurance, Title, Lender and Property Manager. No other PWS client is able to see this channel except you.
  • #physician-wealth-systems-group: this channel is for the entire PWS community; you can ask questions, request recommendations, network with the community, celebrate wins, etc.
  • #deal-analysis: this channel is where off market real estate deal reviews can be requested and responses will be posted
  • #deal-flow: this is where available off market real estate opportunities will be posted.
  • #tax-questions: this channel is a place to post questions regarding general tax questions and opportunities


  • Use @channel to notify everyone in the channel
  • Use @here to notify everyone in the channel who is currently online
  • Use @name to notify an individual

Direct Message

  • Direct messages are only used when the message content is private. Please default to using group channels whenever possible to the team and community up to date on requests, information, opportunities, wins, etc. 


  • Select the “Reply in thread” option when replying to a comment, request, or question. This keeps the message contained in one section and easy to locate the conversation in the future.


  • Emojis are used to quickly communicate responses
  • – confirmed, agree, complete
  • – I see this, noted, working on it, standby 
  • – bad, no-go, remove


  • You can attach files, screenshots, videos, etc. by simply dragging and dropping the files into the Message.
  • Copy and paste files/pictures/screenshots directly into the Message.
  • Select the “+” in the bottom left of the Message to Attach Recent files and Upload from your computer


  • Huddles and Slack calls are great ways to jump on voice calls and video conferences (not able to share screens in unpaid version of Slack) within the Slack platform


  • Check out the Slack tutorial to use the auto reminders and the slack bot


  • Notice bookmarks saved for you on the top of your private channel as well as the deal flow channel. These are quick links to critical submission forms, spreadsheets, and folders.
  • Your private channel has a “PURCHASE & EXPENSES” bookmark. This is a quick link to submit ALL LLC EXPESES to your bookkeeper. Track everything, even before your LLC is setup. 
  • The deal-analysis channel has a “DEAL SUBMISSION FORM” so you can enter information on a deal that you found and would like the acquisition team to analyze. 

 Next Steps

  • Get comfortable using this platform and it will massively increase your efficiency not only in PWS but in your business too. Think of ways to incorporate this tool into other areas of your life. You should not be checking emails. Your Executive Assistant should be managing your inbox and communicating with you through your #your-email Slack channel. Zapier is an amazing platform that integrates with Slack as well as many other platforms allowing automations. Eliminate – Automate – Delegate