Brett Riggins is the Transaction Coordinator for Connect Home Buyers and he will be making sure your closing goes as smooth as possible. You can reach him in your private Slack channel for all communications. 

    • Entity docs – submitted Christie Pickell 901-753-1600 
    • Mobile notary – Only required if purchase is financed OR refinanced. 
    • Wire instructions – Download form to the right. CALL TO CONFIRM prior to issuing wire Christie Pickell 901-753-1600
    • HUD / ALTA Review – Review final closing docs with Brett one day prior to mobile notary. Confirm closing costs, prorations, assignment fees, entity name, entity address (MAKE SURE NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS ON ANY DOCUMENTS), and funds required.
  2. Entity Docs – Attach to the right
    • Registered in state the SFR property is located NEED
    • Articles of Organization
    • Operating Agreement NEEDS ATTENTION
    • EIN Assignment Letter
    • Certificate of Existence (registered with TN for Franchise & Excise tax) NEED
    • Bank Account – Checking and Savings with GRFCU NEED
  3. Assignment
    • Connect Home Buyers to YOUR LLC
  4. Funding
    • Cash to close – you will need to be aware of the closing date, title company, CONFIRM wire instructions, and issue wire one day prior to close date.
    • Lender – Great River Federal Credit Union Heather Helmbrecht ALL 50 states 5/1 ARM 30 year am – Heather is in your private Slack channel and all communications should be there. Need to  and get rate lock asap (PDF shared in Slack). Please make sure that it is filled out completely.  We are targeting to refinance the property in 30-45 from initial purchase date. Proposal template attached to the right.
  5. Insurance – working with Alicia Spicer with Comparian Insurance Agency 901-691-1070 cell
    • Pay invoice with Credit Card and setup automatic payments UNLESS insurance is to be escrowed by lender when refinanced. MUST SUBMIT RECEIPT VIA PURCHASE & EXPENSES SUBMISSION FORM.
  6. Property Management – Patrick “Pat” Burleson
    (901) 568-9034 – (COMING SOON)Patis in your private Slack channel and all communications should be there.
    • New Client form – complete FIRST TIME ONLY – attached to the right
    • Management Agreement – execute new agreement for each property in Memphis market – Management Agreement template and Information For Owners attached to the right.
    • Must provide New Client Form, Executed Management Agreement, and HUD in order for RiverTown to turn utilities on in their name. 
  7. Refinance – Heather Helmbrecht 320-266-1345 Great River FCU and 4.59% at 1.5pts and would like to work with Tee Wilson at Lendserv title for all refinance closings. They will give us a discounted rate of $350 vs. $625 at Saddle Creek.