About Physician Wealth Systems

Physician Wealth Systems was founded to help doctors build generational wealth and achieve financial freedom through the power of real estate investing. We help doctors increase their net worth by $250,000 and generate $40,000 in annual passive income in 12 months.

How Does This Work?

I would be worried if you weren’t a little skeptical.

Founder, Brett Riggins a licensed real estate salesperson in TN & SC, and his wife Arin Riggins, a licensed real estate salesperson in MI, have been working together building a nationwide real estate acquisition company Connect Home Buyers LLC.

Through this company, they’ve bought and sold hundreds of properties under market value and built a 7-figure passive income portfolio.

Over the years, we have worked with many physicians who privately lend us money, and we would constantly get asked, “How can I get equity in these deals?”

At first, we would laugh it off and keep doing business as usual.

Then it hit us.

Physicians have a high income.

Physicians pay a LOT in taxes.

Physicians want to invest in real estate but don’t have the time.

So we asked ourselves the question again, “How can these physicians get equity in these deals?”

How can we create a win/win solution for both parties?

What if we created a program for Physicians to not only get equity but completely own and control their own real estate portfolios?

After putting together a game plan, we made a few calls, shared our idea, and today, the rest is history.

Meet The Team

Brett Riggins

Speaker - Author - Investor - Entrepreneur - Husband - Father

Brett Riggins is a twenty year veteran of the real estate business whose passion is helping people connect with the life they want. With more than 20 million dollars in transactions, his company Connect Home Buyers is a real estate acquisition machine supported by territories across the country.  

After graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in Construction Engineering, Brett worked his way through every level of home renovation and reconstruction by rolling up his sleeves through the blood sweat and tears of the fix and flip/investing grind. He then launched his own business, bringing his knowledge and experience to a broader market, building off of his real estate licenses in TN and SC. With the success of Connect Home Buyers came the realization that he could share his know-how with others through portfolio building and turn-key real estate development. Founding Physicians Wealth Systems allowed Brett to fulfill his fundamental need to help others while also giving him a platform to share his belief that everyone should have access to authentic living. 

Today, Brett is a mentor, podcaster, public speaker, and coach as well as continuing to run his own multi-million dollar real estate business. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and two kiddos (a.k.a. future entrepreneurs), Brett connects people across the country and beyond with the tools they need to create the life they want. 

Brett Riggins

Kevin Anderson, Market Director

Kevin has been working in the real estate industry for over 25 years. Most recently, as the owner of  Anderson Properties, specializing in acquiring and selling private/off-market commercial real estate and rent-to-own homes. Additionally, Kevin was the owner of a mortgage brokerage company with multiple locations and has extensive experience and knowledge in acquiring off-market real estate.

Pamela Johnson, Market Director

Pamela is a very experienced business professional. She has demonstrated her expertise in real estate and medical practice management. As a co-owner and operator/manager of Moss St Medical Clinic for ten years, she successfully ensured the daily office operations and health care of over 8000 assigned adult patients and 2500 pediatric patients. She was also the owner of CA Mitigation Services, helping hundreds of unfortunate homeowners from foreclosure. She has over 25 years of real estate negotiation experience, including short sales, lease options, and pre-foreclosures

Fabien Cabilla, Account Director

As A Physician You Can Have A 6+ Figure Passive Income Portfolio Built For You Investing Only 2 Hours A Month

By acquiring off-market real estate at 30-70% market value without doing any work finding, renovating, or managing your own assets. (from someone who’s done over 20+ million in real estate and has a 7-figure passive income portfolio)